Note the ToDo Pro was renamed to ProDo.

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- Fixed: Indentation in widget, if you have problems with widget - just remove and add it again to your workspace. 
- Fixed: When editing the item parent unable to set to none
- Fixed: Unable to clear notification or due date from context mennu

- Fixed some Google Sync issues 
- Switching between lists with swiping
- Task lists are sorted by weight and name

1.5.0-m6- Fixed an issue with synchronization of nested tasks 
- Fixed an issue with non-synchronizing lists 
- Fixed: widget displays removed lists
- Move/Copy operations are working

-Fixed an issue with removing of a list/task/subtask
- Fixed a widget displaying all the tasks (even removed one)
- Fixed sort by due date

-Fixed synchronization issues (Android 2.3 devices, and empty lists)
- Fixed an issue with subtasks
(When pressing "More..."" you can be redirected to another app in Market - don't worry, just scroll down to ProDo link - "More from this author section")

- Fixed an issue with Widget color
- Editing of tasks if fixed
- Switching between task lists by taping the header fixed

1.5.0-m1^- Fixed sync issues
- Unlocked all the features for free 

- Leaf tasks can be collapsed well as root tasks
- Task list sharing via email and export to csv (adv)
- Ability to hide title in widget (not the header completely)
- Fixed a problem with occasional duplicates when syncing tasks automatically
- Task details is expanded by default (notes are not truncated)

- Better localization
- The app is renamed to ProDo due to Appigo claim

- New sort keys: Status,Manual and Priority,DueDate,Status
- New widget size (5x5 for galaxy note)
- Bug: Lists are not sorted by name if the program is in reordering mode

- Added filters (you can now filter tasks by priority, due date of status)
- Ability to enter the notes for task on main screen, use syntax 
  <task title>::<notes_can_contain_newlines>               
  <newline>. <subtask_title_1>::<notes_can_contain_newlines>
  <newline>. <subtask_title_2>::<notes_can_contain_newlines>
- Better looking popup window - Alarm is not shown if time is passed 1.4.5 - FREE FROM ADS! - Bug: Concurrent modification exception - Bug: Remove completed when the parent task is completed and subtasks are not produces weird results - Bug: When moving subtasks they are always set as uncompleted - Complete localization Spanish, Chinese 1.4.3 - Switch lists action (swipe) is back. - Fixed an issue with task duplicates. 1.4.2 !!! Important update - Fixed an issue with duplicates of task lists (caused by auto syncing after reboot) - Alarm for completed tasks is not shown. - Links are clickable in task notes field. 1.4.0 - Experimental. Supported manual reordering (adv) (Menu->Reorder) - Easy subtasking swipe action left and right to indent/unindent - UI improved - Bug fixes !Notice: Swipe action is not switching lists (will be returned in next version) 1.3.0 - Better google sync (Beta) - Synchronization of subtasks is supported. - Task list's name sync, task lists may be deleted. - Fixed sync for some tablet devices. - Default alarm time is set to DueDate 12:00 by default. - Expand triangle is not shown when all the subtasks are removed. - Subtasks are copied correctly. - Fixed an issue with selection of Top priority. - Changed priority colors. 1.2.3 - Fixed a problem with synchronization of DueDate for GMT- users (America). - Due Date sorting is improved (tasks without due date are always on bottom) - Option to set auto capitalization for each word in tasks and sub-tasks? - Black text for check boxes on Nook Color - Show tasks separator option in widget is fixed - New sort option 'Status, Priority, Name' - Changed a look of popup menu a little - Debug message instead of error message. 1.2.1 - New fresh look (see screenshots)! - Alarm activity with ability to snooze, dismiss and go to task (adv) - Activity to display all the lists of tasks. - Sorting of lists by name - An option to hide subtasks on widget (adv). - An option to use default (rounded) background instead of colored one - Removed pen icon (tap the todo item to invoke context menu) - Debug mode for google sync (if you have some problems - you can send the log) - Fixed a problem whith google sync (lists given from google is not synchronized). - Bug fixes: database locking - Bug fix: market activity throws NPE 1.1.2 - Show/hide priority of subtasks (adv) - Fixed an issue with sorting of tasks when switching between lists 1.1.1 - Added support of expanding/collapsing of subtasks - Implemented an easy way of adding subtasks, type the task name go to new line enter the dot and type the subtask title Example: Task title .Subtask 1 .Subtask 2 and press "+" button - New Option to auto sync with Google only on wifi (adv). - Alarms are rescheduled if device is restarted - Auto ync starts automatically if device is restarted - Redesign - Bug fixes - Performance optimization